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Emergency Machining Services available 24 hours a day. When something breaks down in your business, know that we're available to help. We provide welding, custom fabrication, and machining anywhere in Georgia.

Repair Machining Services - Turlock, CA - LOCK-N-STITCH Inc.

In-House & On-Site Machining Services. At LOCK-N-STITCH Inc. we provide emergency in-house and on-site machining of damaged machinery parts. Our large inventory of portable machining equipment gives us the ability to provide the majority of our services on-site when needed.

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USITEC was founded in 1990 to perform on site machining operations. The company performs on site any machinings with portable machine-tools on non dismantled assy. By the beginning of the year 2002, a new workshop was set up, increasing the company's capabilities.

On-Site Machining | Applied Metals and Machine Works, INC

We stock many different types of on-site machining equipment, in-house and ready to go. In addition to highly trained employees, we have a Faro Laser Tracker in-house to aid in setup and quality control! 24 Hour emergency service available with the ability to duplicate most machining processes on-site! Fast, Dependable On-Site Work includes:


With our on-site machining tool from Metalock DE we offer on-site crankshaft journal repair, repairing the journal on-site, without disassembling the engine and the need to transport the crankshaft to ashore workshop facility. Our on-site machining tool uses the fillet radii of the crankpin as a reference for adjusting the on-site repair machine.

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WorldWide Machining & Welding offers a wide variety of on-site machining and welding services custom fit to meet our customers' needs. On-site and emergency welding and machining services extend the life of heavy machinery attachments and eliminate costly replacements and downtime.

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Food S ervice Equipment repairs & parts. Whether you bake bread or cookies, Emergency Machining Services can provide you with high-quality food service equipment repairs. We supply you with efficient repairs to keep your assembly line running.

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CLIMAX pioneered portable machining and we are ready to help you achieve your economic goals and improve the performance of your on-site machining, welding, and valve testing projects. We are committed to delivering outrageously good customer service – every interaction, every time, everywhere!

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Magpie Machining & Manufacturing is a precision Machine Shop in Rock Hill, SC now offering 24/7 Emergency Machining Services! We are dedicated to manufacturing your precision parts and components to your specifications the first time, on time, every time!

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We're experienced at on-site machining and can help you finally get that project done that's been waiting for the right solution. We offer services such as flange repair, on-site boring, on-site lathe work, on-site milling and on-site welding are just some of the ways we can help save you labor time and cost by eliminating teardown.

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At Axis Mechanical Group, Inc., we deliver field machining services supported by our experience and knowledge to provide you with excellent on-site results for your applications. Our team delivers fast response to emergency machining scenarios through the application of exceptional equipment that allows us to provide the solution to critical machining issues and also reduce your downtime and ...

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In-Situ adapt a solutions driven approach providing our clients with the most technologically advanced on-site and In-Situ field machining techniques and services globally. Our aim is to support on planned on-site machining projects but also first point of call in emergency breakdown situations.


24/7 and emergency repairs Marine and Stationary Power DRILLING Plane surfaces, i.e. large crane foundations up to 24 meters in diameter, are mechanically machined on site with mobile turning devices. All tolerances given by engine and other equipment manufacturers are fully restored during the on site machining process. CRANK SHAFT JOURNAL REPAIR

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Machine Repairs and rebuilding, on-site machining, welding, stamping presses - all your machining needs. Applied Metals is a customer-focused company.

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The largest emergency on-site machining engineering group in the world. Our focus is on specialised, complicated and technically demanding mechanical engineering and mechanical repair projects for all types of industries. - (MME) MSHS Metalock Engineering USA

Industries Served. We provide On Site 24/7 and Emergency Service Repairs for Marine and Stationary, Power, Oil, Mining, Water Power and Gas Turbine industries.

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Jan 23, 2019· A non-emergency collet is also pretty hard I'd assume. (I think unless you buy Hardinge collets, all of the rest are a crap-shoot and might as well buy the cheapest ones, all coming from unknown overseas sources and made from mystery-materials and tolerances, regardless of the "name-brand".

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Precision Machine Service specializes in conventional machining, CNC production machining, welding fabrication, on site machining, assembly, high production quantity, reclamation service and emergency machining repairs.

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Reducing downtime, prolonging plant life, improving product quality, reducing costs and improvements on efficiency are some of the daily struggles within the Steel manufacturing sector. The specialist machining services provided by In-Situ can help to address these struggles with the latest range of on-site machining equipment and techniques.

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May 09, 2019· Whether it's an emergency repair or a routine maintenance project, our field service machinists treat every call with the same sense of urgency. They understand the critical role that their on-site machining capabilities will have on the entire operation …

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Every task is critical. That's why having a trusted resource to perform field machining at your site is not just a luxury, but a necessity. Mactech, the industry leader in machining, offers field machinery services for just this reason. Mactech travels to your site for field machining repairs in …

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Emergency Machining. Home / Emergency Machining. Precision Machine Shop – Welding and Fabrication in Kansas City. ... Emergency CNC Machining in Kansas City. xx Whichever the case, Lindsay Machine is here to [...] Emergency CNC Machining in Kansas City Lindsay Machine Works 2019-03-19T09:23:37-05:00. Precision CNC Machining in Kansas City.

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Perfect on-site machining solution and work that help to reduce expensive equipment and machines downtime. We provide emergency worldwide Response and we are glad to call ourself as a in situ machining specialists. By Managing Director In Situ Machining Solution

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On Site Emergency Repairs Services Available World-wide. In-Situ Machining for the Marine, Power Gen, Petrochem, Process and General Industries 365 days a year.

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24 / 7 Emergency Service. ... and had an equipment failure that required sending your machine off site or back to the manufacturer for repairs? This can be an incredible costly and time consuming problem. ... Onsite Field Machining allows you to have your parts and equipment back up and running Fast. Contact Us. Name * First.

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On Site Machining. Your shop, your machines, your way! Short handed? Emergency machining? We can help! Consultation. We can help you accelerate production via program optimization, set-ups, tool efficiency and more. Online Commission. Send us your prints or models and we'll send a quote. We can make your parts and send them anywhere!

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Machining Service Let us get your machines up and running again in no time! With our precision portable machining equipment and professional crew, we have the ability to work on your machines on site. In addition, our team has decades of experience so you can be confident in knowing that we can get the job done right and fast.